Corporate Massage from $100/hr

Massage Therapists for corporate events or at work or at home.


We can travel anywhere within Perth and surrounding suburbs. Some of us even use public transport.

Professional Service

Our therapists are fully qualified and highly experienced. We also show up on time.


We pride ourselves on clear communication because we want you as a regular customer.

Create an environment where every team member feels important.

event massage
Seated massage happens on a massage chair or at team work desks

Office Massage

Seated Massage Benefits

Businesses who subscribe to on site corporate massage therapy regularly experience an instant boost in staff morale. We offer corporate massage packages or a regular in-office seated massage therapy program means a happier, more confident, and more driven team.

How would regular massage make a difference in your office?

How will a 15 minute weekly seated massages affect my team members directly?

We also do corporate event massage.

Fewer Employee Absences

Regular visits by a massage therapist reduces stress levels. Staff are healthier and take less sick days. We all know that stress negatively affects the body’s immune system. Stressed team members are more prone to catching a cold, viruses, or other bugs.

In-office seated massage (done on corporate massage chairs or roaming from station to station) can mitigate workplace pain issues like repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general fatigue and wellbeing.

Increased Staff Retention

A 15 minute massage is one way to keep employees and encourage loyalty. Every time a staff member leaves, you need to invest in more resources. But who in their right mind would leave when they get a corporate massage every week (or month).

Companies that have implemented a seated chair massage therapy program find that there is less employee turnover.

Employees are much happier in a company that cares about their needs.

Greater Productivity

Your company will not only experience a happier and healthier workplace, but productivity will increase.

One of the benefits of corporate massage programs increase employee problem-solving skills. One 10 minute, seated massage helps both the body and mind relax. Employees can take on new challenges with a fresh and positive outlook.

Try Perth’s best and most reliable business massage company.

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Massage for perth Businesses : Creating a workspace with health and well-being as a priority.

Office Massage for Teams

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MAA Certificate (500kb PDF)

Massage Therapy

Recharge your staff in an ergonomic massage chair or at their work desk. We are specialists in on site chair massage. We can set up your corporate seated massage area with a massage chair in a room away from the workspace or computer monitor (e.g. your conference room).

We play soft background music and recommend between 10 and 30 minutes (max) per person.

Some of PCM clients fall asleep. And that’s ok (for the record – we keep massaging).

Chair Massage Rates

We calculate our in-office massage rates by the number of hours of seated massage. Sometimes, staff members pay for massage minutes.

Overall budget ultimately depends on;

  • Number of staff receiving massages
  • The length of each onsite massage
  • Number of massage therapists required
  • How frequently staff receive massages
  • Corporate Massage Pricing

Work Massage Benefits

We love our job.

Benefits from just one corporate chair massage include;

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Better overall circulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improved skin (tone)
  • Better recovery from injury

It’s best to use professional massage therapists as part of any corporate wellness plan, Perth people!

Plus it keeps us fit.

10 things to include in a corporate wellness plan for your business

What our massage clients say

Our clients love and look forward to their seated massages. Businesses book us every month. This is what our massage-ees have to say.

Katelyn Sinclair

Conference Co-ordinator

We used Collette and her team for a corporate conference. They were able to massage all 160+ attendees over the course of the day, and the feedback we received was exceptional! Collette was quick to reply to my initial enquiry and easy to communicate with in the lead-up to and during the event. Thanks Collette!

John Papa

Sales Director, Optus Business Center Perth

"We have used Perth Corporate Massage on a number of occasions. The experience was fantastic. Staff were very happy. Professional service and a great way to reduce stress. Thank you PCM. We highly recommend you to other businesses and look forward to the next appointment."

Josh Lamont


"The Perth Corporate Massage team are friendly, professional and easy to talk to. They provide a soothing experience in the middle of a busy day and make all our team members feel comfortable during the sessions. The massages are perfect way to realign train-of-thought and lower stress. It's a great idea. Highly recommended."


General Manager

"We are always looking for ways of putting wellbeing into action, making sure our employees feel supported to lead a healthier life. As part of our Massage Wellness benefit, PCM have been providing us with Seated Massage at our office. Our staff enjoy the convenience of having this service onsite and we only receive positive feedback about the professional service the therapists provide. I highly recommend Perth Corporate Massage."



"For those of you that have yet to experience the healing hands of this remarkable young woman, I recommend Collette's 1.5hr massage most highly, and for those of you that have experienced, you'll know what I mean 🙏

For the first time in 30 odd years there is (at last) light at the end of the tunnel - an escape from the daily pain of my long term injuries.

Thank you Collette, You're a Life Saver!"



We have Collette come to visit us once a month for in office seated massage. For 2 hours our team gets a massage for 20-25 minutes each. It's a lovely break from work and an excuse for some relaxation during our busy work days. I frequently get asked 'Is Collette coming this week?', we all look forward to that Friday!.

Collette's massage is great - just the right pressure and always ready to go firmer or lighter.

I would recommend every business treat their team to some relaxation at least once a month.

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