Massage Prices

  • Our Corporate Massage prices are competitive
  • $100/hr includes fully accredited massage therapists

Seated Massage

10 – 20 mins per person

corporate massage on a massage chair

Corporate Massage Therapist Rates

Prices are usually fixed, but can change according to your commitment and budget. Being a totally mobile massage service, we come to you. No call-out fees!

NB: We can arrange to hire a more suitable space nearby if your office environment isn’t quite right.

Office Massage Booking Flexibility

corporate massage perth city 10 minute seated massage in chair
Collette massages staff working at BUPA

Each massage therapist is fully qualified to work with you when it comes to your particular needs re;

  • staff numbers
  • individual health requirements
  • how often you want to book and
  • how hard or soft to be with touch
  • what you can afford as a smaller business

Weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly short massages for staff are a perfect addition to any businesses’ Corporate Wellness Program

Phil JK loves his monthly 10 minute massage . . .

“I used to baulk at sitting in a chair all day working on a big web SEO project. But ever since big honcho boss man booked monthly office massage sessions – I’ve never felt better about sitting at my work desk. In fact – I look forward to it. Pity it’s just once a month. Anyway, thanks Geoffrey & thank you more, Perth Corporate Massage!”

Phil JK, Geoffrey Multimedia

Casual rate is $100/hr

(Minimum 1hr – 10mins each with 6 staff at their workstations)

All corporate massage prices are for Seated Massage Sessions or Roaming to employee workstations.

Catered according to availability

(E.g. In 1hr, 12 people can get a 10min head and shoulder with 2 x therapists)

corporate massage prices include head and shoulder in-office massage on a chair or at their workstation.
Head, Shoulder & Neck Massage in specialist chair. This is not Phil by the way – just a stock photo.

Depending on your needs, usually 1-3 therapists will visit your office and either;

1. Set up a couple of massage chairs in a quiet area (we can service very large teams), or

2. Visit each team member as they are working at their desk.

The latter is usually called roaming office massage.

Either way, our aim is not just to cause as little disruption to your usual routine as possible, but give your team a relaxing few minutes. Minds calm and your team will effectively re-group. You will see a clear positive attitude and team members being fully refreshed from the experience.

After just 10 minutes!

Some clients order full half-hour blocks for back, head and shoulder massages for staff. A 1hr lunch break or staff with accumulated time-in-lieu could access this. No matter how you cut it – everybody wins. It’s up to you, but a 15 minute head-and-shoulder massage will feel like an hour.

Your team will thank you for it.

Try our various office massage services – you won’t look back.

NB: We also offer a home massage service for individuals and couples, but for businesses will find our corporate massage prices give you the best value in terms of;

  • increased productivity
  • peaceful and healthy workplace
  • team loyalty

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