Events Massage (Expos/Annual)

event massage
  • Roving: Head, Neck, Shoulder massage
  • Seated massage: Head Neck Shoulders & Back
  • Table: Neck head shoulders back and legs

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Call the above number to book our mobile massage for events team. We can organise for small gatherings (10-20 people) or large corporate events. Each massage therapist can do up between 20 and up to about 35 x 15 minute massages per day, so let us know how many you will need.

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events massage chair in a secluded room, away from the throngs

How long is each session for an events massage?

How long is a massage at an event?

Each massage can be between 10 and 15 minutes. Allow a 5 minute changeover so that your therapist can clean up and refresh for the next person.

Are event massages safe?

100% safe. Communicate with us if you need special massage treatment. People sometimes ask for harder or softer massage. We do need to know if you experience physical difficulties or ailments.

Massage safety

We adhere to 2024 massage best practices, virus and safety protocols. We follow all the safety tips outlined on this page for example.

  • How many people would you like to book? We can do 6 per hour seated at their workstation or 4 if using the massage chair (e.g. in conference room).
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