Casual rate is $85/hr

Office Therapy Rates

Our massage prices vary according to your commitment and budget. Expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $85 per hour for a massage. This is below the national average cost of $100/hr. And don’t forget, we come to you. There are no call-out fees.


The above rates are a guide. We are happy to work with you in terms of your;

  • staff numbers
  • individual requirements
  • how often you want to book and
  • what you can afford.

“I used to baulk at sitting in a chair all day working on a big web project. But ever since Geoffrey Multimedia booked monthly in office massage sessions – I’ve never felt better about sitting at my work desk. In fact – I look forward to it. Thanks Geoffrey & thanks, Perth Corporate Massage!”

Edwin Lynch, Geoffrey Multimedia

Casual rate is $85/hr

(Minimum 1hr – OR – $10 x 10mins with 10 people)

All prices are for Seated Sessions or Roaming to employee workstations.

Catered according to availability

(E.g. In 1hr, 12 people can get a 10min head and shoulder with 2 x therapists)

head and shoulder in office massage prices vary according to commitment
Head, Shoulder & Neck Massage in specialist chair

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