There are two seated massage styles.

Both massage styles are seated – which is the most convenient and the least disruptive in a working office environment.

Please note: All sitting massages carried out by therapists require individuals to be fully clothed. We do not use oil to perform a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage.

seated massage can get to deep tissue if needed
Elbow used for deep tissue seated massage (shoulder)

Workstation Seated Massage

This involves the therapist offering a short massage at your team member’s desk. The therapist will massage each person’s back, shoulders, neck, head, arms and hands.

Recommended massage time is 10-15 minutes per person, but can be shorter on request.

Seated Massage in Massage Chair

This involves the therapist setting up a massage chair and providing a massage to the recipient’s back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands. For best therapeutic results we ask the company to allocate a separate room where the therapist can set up their equipment and play relaxing music.

Recommended massage time is 15 or 20 minutes per person.

Massage at Work Benefits

Seated massage gives a team a bunch of benefits. After just 15-minutes, expect to see:

  • Better focus at work
  • Better breathing throughout the day
  • Stress reduction
  • Minimise headaches
  • Reduce pain and “muscle knots”
  • Better staff retention (because you care)

Mainly, increased and more focused productivity, morale and retention of staff.

Be that company and show your staff that you care about health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Please note: Cancellation fees apply. Cancellations within three business days will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within 24 hours will forfeit the full cost of the booking.

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